The Inclusive Headteacher

What does it really take for a headteacher to fully believe in inclusion?

I asked a very inclusive headteacher who is too modest to be named – but she runs one of the most inclusive Primaries in the UK – dubbed outstanding for inclusive practice from none other than Richard Reiser.

Her school is a large 600+ pupil inner city challenging environment with the full range of disadvantage as well as children with all kinds of complex impairments and needs. This is the essence of what she said:


  • Being clear with staff and more importantly parents and carers that we will make mistakes when we try and include a complex child.
  • Knowing that money helps but attitudes are everything and will ensure inclusion really happens
  • Discovering for yourself that inclusion is possible with a really challenging disabled pupil despite all your internal fears and anxieties
  • Speaking confidently to parents and carers about what you are going to do whatever you may be feeling

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