Top 5 Schools With Inclusive Education in the US

The right to education is a humane right and it should not be denied to anyone, no matter their race, religion, or deficits. Unfortunately, bullying is a real thing, and children who are bullied end up having emotional issues and disorders, among which anxiety and depression. Teachers must keep an eye on their students and aim to teach them how to interact and communicate with each other nicely and assertively. Bullying is mostly met in the case of pupils that have development problems. 

There are many schools with inclusive education in the US. But it is fair to assume and highlight that every student has their needs. Putting in one classroom students with different needs will make the job of the teacher even more difficult. Answering and meeting the needs of the students will be challenging and it surely is not the best option. Thankfully, many schools in the US focus on specific disorders and problems and have trained teachers ready to answer the special needs of the pupils. Here are five top schools with inclusive education in the US. 

1. The Devereux Glenholme School, Washington 

This is one of the schools with inclusive education. Because they want to meet students’ individual needs, they aim to help them develop coping mechanisms, but also study and prepare for high school and college. Children with emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, and many other emotional and learning issues can study here. 

They will not only learn how to cope with their disorders healthily but also gather all the knowledge they need to succeed at school. Through occupational and positive therapy, The Devereux Glenholme School meets the individual needs of the children. On top of this, they also offer children extracurricular development opportunities, such as community programs. 

2. Little Keswick School, Keswick 

This is another school with inclusive education in the US. This is one of the schools for disabled boys. The school understands the importance of adapting to each boy because each of them has a different background and experience. They have a large team of trained teachers and clinical psychologists that have individual sessions with each boy. 

They set goals, work on their thinking patterns, and help them develop new healthy coping mechanisms. It is crucial to support the behavioral and academic goals of the boys, but also help the entire family have a positive and healthy attitude. So, the school offers individual, group, and family therapy to all the families in order to support the healthy development of the boys. 

3. Brehm Preparatory School, Carbondale 

Brehm Preparatory School is one of the best schools in the US with inclusive education. It focuses on disabled children. The school has acknowledged the fact that each student has individual needs, so they are accepting only 90 students. Their staff is more numerous, of about 150 members. 

They are trained to meet the needs of the students and work with each of them individually. At first, they have one-on-one sessions. As students develop their learning skills, they advance to learning in groups of about 9 students. They offer many learning opportunities to students, including digital books or Kurzweil literary software. 

4. Triad Academy at Summit School, Winston-Salem 

Triad Academy is one of the schools of Summit Schools. It was founded with the goal of meeting students’ learning needs. Students with dyslexia or other disabled students require a great deal of attention and they are ready to offer it. Triad Academy offers students with special needs training and learning opportunities that help them prepare for being part of a traditional classroom. 

They are part of special training created just for them and take part daily in a 2-hour course to improve their language. As they retain more information and learn how to face their special needs, students can move to a different division of Summit School and continue their learning and development process.

5. The Vanguard School, Lake Wales 

The Vanguard School in Lake Wales is one of the most challenged schools. And this is not because of the students with special needs, but because it was hit by hurricanes three times already. After the last hit in 2004, the school and campus were completely rebuilt. 

Now, it is open to disabled students with Asperger’s syndrome, dyscalculia, dyslexia. Even though it does not offer therapy sessions to those students whose disabilities are severe, they help them learn more. They want students to be able to have a smooth transition between schools or towards their college or career. 


Every student has the right to education. Many students have special needs and require a greater deal of attention compared with a traditional student. Some disabled students with ADHD, anxiety, depression, dyslexia. They have trained teachers and staff, along with clinical psychologists that work with each student individually. They help them set and achieve behavioral and academic goals, as well as develop their skills and knowledge. 


Author Bio: Jessica Chapman, a dissertation writer and paper writer at Nerdy Writers from Chicago. She is into sport and politics and enjoys traveling. Jessica loves reading a good book in a hammock in the middle of the forest.

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