Top Tips for Getting Better Rest in a Crazy World

By Raina Cordell

It feels like yesterday that I was planning spring break travel and activities for my family. My son was about to start little league football, and my daughter was preparing for her upcoming dance recital. The next thing I knew, all activities were canceled, schools were shut-down, and life as I knew it had seemingly changed overnight.

COVID-19, coronavirus, instantly transformed life for the entire world—but it’s just one example of a crisis that can increase worry and fear, making quality rest seemingly impossible. Hurricanes, the economy, negative news stories, and just the everyday stressors of life can all make coping a challenge.

Stress can contribute to sleep loss, but did you know that sleep loss can make stress worse? Keep reading to find out what science says about stress, the dangers of it, and how managing sleep properly could improve your ability to cope. And be sure to take a glance at our top tips for stress relief before bed…

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