We provide professional development opportunities for all involved in training & developing their inclusive practice around children and young people. We work across all the Key Stages of education. We also work extensively with voluntary and other groups that are working towards increasing inclusion in community settings.


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A range of training opportunities can be brought direct to you or can be designed to meet your specific needs. Phone or email us and tell us what you really need or want!

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“We promise never to bore you on our training events!”

Why not let Inclusive Solutions work with you to provide bespoke training that will promote equality of opportunity and support you in effectively tackling discrimination and promoting inclusion?

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Most of our training is provided around the UK including England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, but we also provide training internationally when invited, if the work is likely to impact upon inclusion.

Our international work has included visits to the following…

    • 2002: Boston USA
    • 2003: Stamford & Ontario
    • 2004: Chicago & Ottawa
    • 2006: We were at the ASCD conference in Chicago, April Anti Bullying Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    • 2007: Greece, Southern Ireland, & The Toronto Summer Institute
    • 2008: Galway, Southern Ireland
    • 2009: Northern Ireland & Greece
    • 2010: Bologna & Iceland
    • 2011: France & Prague
    • 2012: Prague, Malta & Canada
    • 2013: Serbia, Czech Republic, Southern and Northern Ireland & Greece
    • 2014: Serbia, Czech Republic, Southern and Northern Ireland, Greece & Armenia.
    • 2015: Serbia, Ukraine & Georgia
    • 2016: Ukraine, Bosnia & Malta
    • 2017: Bosnia, Malta, Isle of Wight!
    • 2018: Malta

We provided training for a Russian delegation on inclusion and Circle of Friends and supported their study visit of inclusive schools in the UK.

Much of our work in Eastern Europe has been funded by The Open Society Foundations who work to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people. Circle of Friends has proved very popular in Eastern Europe and our work highly valued. The Open Society Foundations are committed to empowering young people by supporting efforts to increase access to quality education. From early childhood to higher education, they work to ensure young people from different backgrounds have equal access to education and to promote critical thinking, respect for diverse opinions, and free and open intellectual inquiry.


We would love to work in New Zealand and Australia so let us know if this works for you.

Let us know if we can work directly with your team, community or organisation wherever you are in the world.

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Training for you

Let us come and work in your setting. We can provide direct staff training, we will work with pupils and we will provide hands on coaching in new inclusive practice and much more…

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“Hi Colin and Derek, Just a quick note to say thank you for the training session you gave at Netherfield primary School on 23rd Feb (new approaches to behaviour management). Not only was the course enjoyable but it certainly had me thinking about how I approach situations and react to behaviours; so much so that I was reflecting on it for some time afterwards, later I found myself staring at the TV but my mind was elsewhere. What you teach isn’t just relevant to the work place but applies to yourself and your family. In short, I have decided that what you do is to make each of us into better human beings. I would recommend any one to have a dose of ‘Colin and Derek’.”

Wendy Smith

When booking an event from us, seriously consider a follow up review session of at least a half day to strengthen learning.

Open Events

Watch this space…

Person Centred Planning Training

Listen to the feedback!

Listen to participants giving feedback on this course

Person centred planning is a way of expressing a set of inclusive values through a unique range of tools and techniques. The most commonly used person centred tools – MAPS and PATH – create a hands-on demonstration of these values in action. All person centred planning tools and processes are driven by a commitment to achieve inclusive outcomes for the person whose plan it is, and the young people involved are always present throughout their Planning session. The focus of all person centred approaches is the whole person – irrespective of the label they carry. Two people – a process facilitator and a graphic facilitator, typically facilitate plans. The role of the support service staff in this work is as a facilitator – not as an expert participant, problem solver, assessor or provider of consultation. MAPS and PATH are especially effective tools in planning transitions and annual review processes for young people with additional support needs and for through-care planning for young people who are looked after or accommodated.

‘I started the days tired and jaded, not wanting to be there. I’m leaving motivated and inspired, to look at and make changes both personally and professionally.’

‘Very good, very clear, and personal life experience added that third dimension which made it really, and extremely self reflective.’

Create Your Own Event

Create your own Inclusive Solutions Training Event

Are you interested in hosting an event at which Inclusive Solutions provide the input? Perhaps you do not have a team or organisation to send to the training but wish to set up an open event at which you charge people who attend?

Its not as hard as it might seem. Download our step by step guide here.


Our Values

All our training is guided by the following principles:

      • Inclusion is non-negotiable and “ALL MEANS ALL” – these are not “Tips for Teachers” days. We are not interested in passing on techniques without also making explicit the values that need to underpin them. Anything else is just unsafe and risks becoming another thing we ‘do to’ young people
      • Building Relationships lies at the heart of developing inclusive practice. All of our training is about encouraging connection especially in difficult situations – those where imaginative responses are needed
      • Inclusion is more than the work of one person. Strong and effective teams with a shared vision are key to delivering new ways of working and they know that “Together We’re Better”
      • We want people who attend our training to leave the day with some immediate changes to their practice in mind. Not just ‘good intentions’.  It’s the little things (and enough of them) we do differently tomorrow that will make a difference.
      • We want people to leave with their eye on the ‘Long View’ – with a stronger sense of what they would love to see happening in their work in 10 or 20 years time

Training News

Circles of Adults

Teams Reflecting and Problem Solving Around Emotional Needs and Challenging Behaviour

We are now seeking a host organisation who would like to collaborate in hosting a further series of coaching sessions in the coming years. Let us know if your team are interested.

These 10 monthly sessions will model an in-depth problem solving process for use by teams working around the inclusion of a challenging individual. Using both process and graphic facilitation, the group is guided through a set of key questions to reach a shared and deeper understanding of the young person’s challenging behaviours, unmet emotional needs and to develop fresh strategies to support change. Participants will be expected to develop facilitation skills as well as to bring the stories of the most challenging young people they are involved with to the group sessions as the problem presenter in the Circles of Adults process.

Participants will receive direct feedback and supportive coaching as they learn the process skills involved. By the end of the 10 sessions participants will feel able to lead the process within their own work settings. Read more about Circles of Adults here…

Comments on earlier courses:

‘Wow! Every single minute of this course has been inspiring. I have learnt so much! My mission now is to bring it back to into school’


‘You guys do magic!’

(educational psychologist)

‘The session have developed my thinking in so many different areas – lots of projects for future reference. Many thanks’

(Head of Unit, Behaviour Support Team)

Strengthening Leadership and creating a shared plan in an Essex Academy

Day Zero

Inclusion Day

700 pupils and a full staff team worked with us at Whitton School – a large Richmond High School.Great strategic work was made possible by the imaginative Head of The Whitton Gateway (which is the borough centre for inclusion of students on the autistic spectrum) Sarah Bright and her Senior Management team. “Extremely well received by all involved! The general feedback has been excellent and it is set to become an annual event in some form. Robert, who is visually impaired, said it was the very best day he has had at Whitton. We set up a Circle of Friends around him this morning, which also made him really happy.”

Day Zero
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