Person Centred Planning – One Page Plans

Person Centred Planning – One Page Plans-  delivered by Colin Newton and Claire Darwin PEP of Suffolk CC. Training went down well and was greatly appreciated by mainly secondary pastoral staff, college practitioners and family workers.

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Five Ways To Go Into the World

Tom Kohler has spent 40 years connecting citizens of Savannah, Georgia to one another. As Co-ordinator and Executive Director of Chatham-Savannah Citizen Advocacy has introduced people who have an established place in community to people with disabilities who have found themselves placed on the margins of community life. Together these people explore how their relationship can change their lives, and impact the life of their community. In this video Tom shares skills that can be developed for this connecting work. For more information on Savannah’s Citizen Advocacy go to:

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Better together than apart…



On the morning of 24th June 2016 a poem called BREXIT was born out of a raw emotional response to the EU referendum result. The poem does not take any side but hints at something disturbing.

Subsequently, ‘Carving through Borders’, a stone-carving collective from Shropshire and mid-Wales, chiselled these prophetic words into a slab of Cambrian Sandstone by way of articulating protest. The stone stands nearly six foot high and, coming in at nearly a quarter ton, is a weighty epitaph to UK stability and prospects for our continued peaceful existence.

Now this Stone needs a home where it can be seen freely by as many people as possible so that it can continue to give voice to the ongoing debate. It is there to give the message that we are better together than apart.

On Saturday 12th October, 12-3pm, The Brexit Stone will be officially launched at Carving Through Borders, Upper House, Knucklas, Knighton, Powys, LD7 1PN. Drinks, nibbles, throat pastilles available. Contact us via for further information.

A warm welcome to all,


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