Why do people with learning disabilities, mental health issues, Autism and other additional support needs need Person Centred Planning? Feel the BUZZ with C-Change!

Colin and Jacqui Newton taught Person Centred Planning over 2 days to a wonderful team part of C- Change. A wonderful buzz of optimism and purpose was tangible!

We love the work of this fine organisation and are privileged to be working with them in an ongoing way. 


Our aim is simple: we want to be of service to people, supporting them to live the life they want to live…their best life.

We are honoured/proud to work with people with learning disabilities, mental health issues, Autism and other additional support needs. We want to see people grow and flourish, whatever their age or circumstances.

We take a person centred, human rights approach to our work. We’ll design the support a person receives so that it fits perfectly. We like to think that we’re more like a tailor-made suit than something bought off the shelf. We work in a way that fits you perfectly and flatters you too!

Our job is all about bringing out the best in people and we adapt to your needs and wishes, matching our support to your idea of the life you want to live.

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4 Ways You Can Help a Marginalised Student Prepare for College

One disadvantage that students from marginalised communities may face in attending college is in lacking access to the conventions of academic life and how to research and apply for school and financial aid. This information, which might seem obvious to a student from a family in which both parents have attended college, can seem difficult to access and understand when you are the first in your family to seek higher education. Whether you are a mentor, a family friend or work with young people in another capacity, each of the different suggestions below are ways you can help make this dream more accessible to them.

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Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Online University

Choosing an online university can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it’s essential to research before making a decision. Luckily, this article has put together a list of expert tips to help you choose the right online university for your needs.

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BBC Scotland: The school offering ‘kindness lockers’ to help struggling students

As the cost of living crisis continues, teachers are seeing the impact on their pupils.

One school in North Lanarkshire has launched a “kindness lockers” initiative to offer help in a more discreet way.

Students at Cumbernauld Academy can pick up a key and help themselves to whatever they might need – from warm clothes to snacks or toiletries.

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A Positive Classroom Environment Is Essential – Here’s How to Achieve It 

Creating a positive classroom environment is essential for successful teaching and learning. A positive classroom environment builds emotional and social connections between students and teachers, making them feel comfortable, respected, and valued. It also encourages collaboration among peers while providing an atmosphere conducive to learning. An effective approach to developing a positive classroom climate starts with setting clear expectations for conduct, establishing a sense of community, and providing positive reinforcement. 

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