Behaviour Management Training

Could you benefit from some behavioural management training?

Whether you work in a primary, secondary school, early years school or an adult learning setting, it’s important to be self-aware of your own thinking so you can be the very best version of yourself. Working in these settings can sometimes mean you have to deal with certain behaviours, some of which can be hard to tackle. If you feel like you need a refresher or would like to know more about effective ways to handle particular behaviours, our course is perfect for you.

The learning objectives of this course cover the following:

  1. Reinforce good practice
  2. Learn new skills which will benefit your career and those around you
  3. Improve understanding of emotions and behaviours
  4. Increase confidence
  5. Chance to reflect on your own attitude
  6. Challenge your thinking about the inclusion of challenging young people
  7. Access to a broader range of strategies that will help you deal with certain scenarios
  8. Restorative justice training

In addition to the above, our course offers you a chance to learn more about offering a relationship-based approach when dealing with certain behaviours. We hope that you’ll find our course not only empowering, but informative, educational and eye opening.

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