Community Circles

Learn how to set up your very own community circle

Community circles provide a great starting point to gain connections, build relationships, locate resources and share skills. This idea is based upon the premise that all of us need three things in our lives to make us happy and fulfilled: these are money, friendship and meaning.

At Inclusive Solutions we believe that everyone needs community, deserves to be heard and deserves to have fun. A community circle is made up of participants from the local community, and we want to give you the tools needed to start your very own.

Our community circles course helps to you understand the benefits of building a community circle. To be successful at building a community, we have to believe that:

  • We are all born ‘in’
  • All means all
  • Everyone needs to belong
  • Everyone is ready
  • Everyone needs support
  • Everyone can communicate
  • Everyone can contribute
  • Together we’re better

The learning objectives include:

  • Learning how to create a Community Circle
  • Understand the underlying rationale and ethos of this way of working
  • Explore ways of maximising an individual’s inclusion and connection with the wider community
  • To explore ways of helping with friendship, social connection and education
  • To increase confidence, social skills and presence of disabled adults and those with a wide range of need in their local community by focusing on their contribution

To see our full list of community courses, see our website and follow the details to find out more.

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