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For those that care for with people with Autism, or have family that are on the Autism spectrum, getting a better understanding of inclusion can drastically improve their confidence and ability to learn. What’s more, it can help you to better understand how they see the world and the right steps you can take in order to benefit everyone involved.

Autism- understanding and including people of all ages

Ideal for parents, guidance staff, social care workers and teachers, this workshop explores the ways to include those who are on the Autism spectrum. We’ll look at ways to deepen your understanding of the core values surrounding inclusion, and work towards developing new skills to help you achieve inclusion.

Autism- how to include children in mainstream settings

This workshop is suited to those that are community workers, heads and deputies, teachers and parents and will look at themes such as:

  • Movement differences
  • Strategies for Facilitating Communication
  • Developing Friendships and Peer Support
  • Learning to Listen Positive Behavioural Supports

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