Communication Partner Training

Do you interact with someone who has a communication impairment? Are you both frustrated when the interaction breaks down or it becomes an interogation instead of a conversation? 
Research has shown that Communication Partner Training is an integral part of non-speech methods of communication – often referred to as Augmentatuve and Alternative Communication (AAC).  Using AAC methods and strategies, can provide more opportunities for greater social participation, and even improve relationships and the inclusion process. 
There are now five online and self pace courses that have been designed to accommodate for a variety of learning styles. Each course includes a slide show complete with activities, cartoons, audio visual illustrations; a referenced document with hyperlinks so that you can read more about topics. And in addition there are resource materials and activities to do on your own or in teams.
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You can also participate in any of the webinars that are being held to personally guide you through the course material. Just take a look at

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