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How to overcome emotional burnout?

Sometimes life seems to be a hostile and depressing place, a puzzle that we can’t solve, stress and exhaustion come. Everyone has bad times, but if it tends to happen again and again, there is a risk of emotional burnout. This is not just everyday stress caused by various disturbances, burnout occurs as a result of incessant stress.  When you are stressed, you understand that it is a temporary phenomenon, you know that you will be able to overcome it and return to your normal state of mind. Emotional burnout is characterized by growing indifference to the world around, to yourself, and to life itself. This is a feeling of total disappointment that eventually leads to neurotic disorders and psychosomatic diseases. A man sees no glimmer of hope, not knowing in what direction to move. In this article, we will look at what causes emotional burnout, how to deal with it, and how to prevent it.

Causes of emotional burnout

The first reason is energy depletion. If a person is strictly engaged in time management and tries to contain into a unit of time as many things as possible that he cannot physically cope with, as a result, he burns out and feels an emptiness in his soul. This is typical for entrepreneurs who, in addition to their key skills, need to acquire many other competencies: know how to promote a personal brand,  form social capital, set up targeted advertising, buy real Instagram followers, negotiate with opinion leaders, etc. They need to constantly respond to changes and adapt. 

The second reason is a lack of goals. Analyze your values and priorities at this stage of life. When there is no clear focus and long-term plans, emotional desynchronization can occur, which leads to stress and emotional burnout. There are situations when a person has a goal, that was imposed by his parents and friends, and it is not relevant to him. Paradoxically, a big goal also leads to burnout, it demoralizes a person, makes him procrastinate, and excites the feeling of inferiority. 

In addition, the situation can be exacerbated by strong information noise. With the advent of social media, the human gaze is directed outward, a person sees only success, compares himself with others, and this contributes to the development of low self-esteem.

How to restore the energy level?

It is necessary to tell yourself that it is in your power to overcome these difficulties and that you will return balance to your life. Even if you don’t believe in it, keep repeating these words. You can recover for a while and get out of the state of apathy, but it will not disappear on its own. So, determine what exactly led you to this state, what is the most negative, and what is the biggest excitement about.

Listen to your body because it also suffers from discomfort due to burnout and it needs attention. You are forgetting about your body day after day, running in the wheel of life, so it is time to pause and think about the relationship between your emotional and physical health. Add more physical activity, because it’s the way our brain generates endorphins that fill the body with a sense of joy.  Take more walks outdoors, changing your routes. Drink more clean water, up to 8 -10 glasses a day and try to stay away from fast food in favor of healthy foods. Also, focus on improving the quality of sleep and getting rid of intrusive thoughts. 

Allow yourself to take a vacation or weekends. Your body and brain try to signal that you need a change of environment from time to time. Rest is a change of activity to the opposite. If you conduct business at the computer: create info products, set up advertising, buy Instagram followers, bloggers’ inserts, etc. then switch to an active physical activity, like sports, trips to nature, etc. Time and conditional distance allow you to relax and regain your equilibrium. You will be able to look at what is happening in life from a more optimal angle. 

How to prevent burnout? 

The natural state of man is to have a high level of energy, health, enthusiasm, high status, respect, and time that belongs only to you and that you can spend at your discretion. This can be achieved by understanding yourself, maintaining a balance between all areas of life, and enjoying the process.

Life is a facility of management, it does not add up by itself.  So, it is important to understand your priorities and choose your values. Based on this, distribute your time, energy, and actions. When you pay a lot of attention to one area of life that is important to you, others suffer. There are situations when a person spends more than half of his life chasing prosperity and then realizes that his happiness does not depend on that, but on love, friendship, hobbies, entertainment, reading. That is why it is important to be able to take responsibility for your life, to take the initiative and change it if the circumstances in which you live do not suit you. 

Always plan weekends and vacations, not just to recuperate before work, you need them to live and enjoy life. Otherwise, if a person can’t be left to himself, can’t take a break, it’s slavery, albeit a high-paying one.

To sum up, don’t forget that the best investment is an investment in yourself. In difficult times, you need to understand what oppresses you and allow yourself to regain the strength to solve problems. Accept the fact that the situation, where you are, is the consequence of your thoughts and actions. So, be always the captain of your life and change what you can.

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