Strategies for Concentrating in Prayer

You are trying to concentrate while offering your prayer, but every time distraction grabs your mind. You are not able to remember the verses that just went through your lips? Indeed, taking charge of your focus in supplication requires lots of devotion.

In many religions, prayer is considered as the bridge to eternity. People need to perform it with complete presence of mind to get the blessings of God. Moreover, prayers can get accepted only when you are attentive.

People are always trying to pray with a genuine heart. That’s because everyone knows the importance of concentration in prayer. Though, there can be situations where you cannot focus. It is because Satan uses distraction as a tool to exhaust your energy and focus.

In this article, we will discuss some strategies to help you concentrate in prayer. So if you want to improve focus while offering your supplications. Then read this article to the end.

  1. Respect for God as a Strategy to Concentrate in Prayer

Religious people believe that the world was created by the Lord, but it will meet its fate one day. One day every human will die and will be answerable to their creator. Hence, we should offer prayers with the utmost concentration and sincerity to appease God. 

Furthermore, if you want to reduce distractions, then always remember him. Filling your mind with love for this world is one of the reasons that give rise to distraction. People try to put their expectations in things that will only help them in this world. So if you want to save yourself from the greed of this world, then submit your desires to the Lord.

Although it might not be easy for you to let go of things at the beginning. The daily remembrance of God will help you in reducing your expectations from this materialistic world. As a result, intrusions will get less important to you.

  1. Schedule Your Day while Keeping Prayers in Mind

Nothing comes easily, we have to work hard to achieve our goals. The same is true for concentrations in prayers. If you have trouble concentrating during prayers because your mind is busy going over all your pending tasks, then it’s best to schedule your day.

To improve your concentration in prayer, keep track of your everyday activities and allow yourself a specific time in the day specifically for prayers. A wise person always moves with strategies to make proper use of time. You should get yourself organized and move with a clear-cut objective. 

In some religions, like Islam prayer timings are important. Therefore, you should note down prayer times or download an app for correct Prayer Timings to make your daily schedule accordingly. Scheduling your day will minimize the stress on your mind and boost concentration.

  1. Make Sure to Get Rid of Things that Reduce Concentration in Prayer

As stated earlier, focusing too much on worldly things is one reason behind the decrease in attention during prayer. You need to manage your desires in order to enhance your concentration. One method is to keep in mind that nothing will last forever. 

Moreover, there are many strategies that can help you in getting rid of distractions. Firstly, identify the things around you that cause the most trouble. Once you have identified the sources, make a list and then a strategy to tackle them.

We are not saying that you will be able to remove each and every distraction. It is not possible, nor should you expect it. The point is you should strive to minimize the factors that wane your focus in supplication. 

If somehow, you are still not able to focus. Then you need to go to a place where you find peace. For example, you can visit the Mosque or church instead of praying at home. 

Changing your ambiance is one of the effective ways to override disturbance. A new space reinvigorates your feelings, due to which your focus increases.

  1. Understand the Holy Texts to Enhance your Attention

If you are praying without understanding the meaning, then you will easily get distracted. It is one of the reasons due to which people lose focus during prayers. 

Most prayers are in old languages that are not used in everyday life. For example, Hebrew, Latin, Arabic, etc. Hence, learn the language of the religion you practice to understand the text. Praying while knowing the meaning will make it easier for you to concentrate.

God has given his creatures the wisdom to find logic in everything. Without discerning a process, you cannot find any reason to focus. The relationship of concentration is dependent on your interests. If there is no interest, then there is no focus. 

Moreover, many people focalize their energies on just reading the holy verses. As a result, it gets boring for them, since they are not able to understand it. So by correctly learning each verse, you will be able to find more interest. You can also invest in authentic translations if the language is beyond you. 

  1. Use Cleanliness to get your Focus 

Cleaning your body before performing your prayer is a surprisingly great tip. You need both mental and physical purification to achieve concentration in prayer. 

In ma religions, cleanliness is a prerequisite before offering prayer as it washes the impurities in your body. God himself has emphasized cleanliness. Therefore, you should always purify yourself before offering your supplications. 

Moreover, purification can be used as a strategy to concentrate on prayer. Cleaning your body alters your state of mind, due to which you feel fresh. So, if you want to get a refreshing feeling and improve your concentration, keep yourself clean.

Prayer is a Bridge that Creates a Link between You and the Lord

Prayer is the only source that can get us closer to God. Therefore if you truly want to avail it, then display your utmost devotion. Your seriousness is the factor that defines the fulfillment of your supplication. 

You can adopt strategies such as avoiding sources of distraction, creating a perfect schedule, and remember God to endure troubles while praying. God is always watching you, so think of supplications as a duty rather than a religious practice. 

Your motives should be centered in your prayer and not in other things about you. What are some of the distractions that you face while praying? And what tactics do you adopt to overcome them? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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Myrah Abrar is a computer science graduate with a passion for web development and digital marketing. She writes blog articles for Muslim & Quran.

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