Why use Inclusive Solutions in 2018?

Why Inclusive Solutions?
‘Inclusive Solutions’ are a team of psychologists and associates who specialise in mainstream inclusion for disabled and challenging children and adults. We make available cutting edge practical strategies and ideas for developing effective inclusion in local mainstream schools and communities. We use ideas that have been developed internationally and adapt them to the UK context. We work with anyone who wants to bring about the real systems changes that are necessary to move towards a truly inclusive society. Check out the range and quality of our work at https://inclusive-solutions.com
Founded in 2001 by Colin Newton and Derek Wilson, Inclusive Solutions is in its 17th year of providing accessible interactive training on all aspects of inclusive practice in education settings and beyond. Over time we have made links with a range of disabled and non-disabled associate trainers, within the UK and beyond and full descriptions of our associates can be found on the following page of our website: https://inclusive-solutions.com/about-us/ We have a strong link with the Alliance for Inclusive Education and have regularly co trained with the current and previous directors.

We specialise in autism in mainstream schools, inclusion of students with disabilities, education psychology, autism education, community building and training on inclusion.
Louis Newton – Inclusion Facilitator
We write, produce and publish teaching materials relating to inclusive education and through the ONLINE STORE of our website we promote a wide range of books, DVDs and other teaching aids. For the full listing see: https://inclusive-solutions.com/shop/ Our own tiles include Creating Circles of friends, Person Centred Planning Together, Circle of Adults, Managing Change in Schools and Restorative Solutions.
Over the past 16 years we have worked very regularly with educators in a wide range of local authorities across the UK. We have worked very regularly with School, Local Authority and Academy teams plus childcare providers, including childminders and PVI practitioners, in a wide range of local authorities across the UK.
We often act as senior consultant practitioners, using our educational psychologist roles to influence LA teams or to support families at Tribunals.
We provide hands on Inclusion Facilitation – an intensive programme aimed at creating a better life for those isolated or marginalised by the system. This works wonderfully as a follow on too person centred planning work using MAP or PATH processes.
We have spent many years promoting and providing quality training around ‘person centred planning’ and demonstrating this way of working particularly the tools of PATH and MAP – this has been well received in many areas of the UK as well as internationally. We have provided extensive input in West Sussex,Pembrokeshire, Suffolk and Hartlepool as well as Bosnia, Serbia and the Czech Republic. 
For 8 years we contributed to the London Borough of Southwark’s training directory and have regularly worked with the managers of Southwark’s maintained settings on a wide range of themes – the commissioning manager for this work was Fiona Phillips.
We  worked with the Aiming High, Individual Budgets team in Nottingham and with Northumberland’s Aiming High Disabled Children ‘Short Breaks’ Team.
 We are provided training  in places as diverse as Oxford, West Sussex, Southwark, Hartlepool, Suffolk, Nottingham, Lewisham, Derby, Gateshead and Coventry.
We have provided international training in countries as diverse as Malta, Czech Republic, Bosnia, Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia, Canada and the USA.
Feedback on our work can be found here: https://inclusive-solutions.com/training/feedback/
About us
Simply look at the page for more general information, photos and information about us and our associates https://inclusive-solutions.com/about-us/
Ion line with our Environmentally Friendly Policy we usually do not provide paper handouts but will point participants to parts of our web site where slides can be downloadedhttps://inclusive-solutions.com/training/handouts/or other information that supports our training can be found https://inclusive-solutions.com
You may wish to provide participants with a book/pamphlet relevant to our training; if so we can usually offer discounts on large orders from our own bookstore see https://inclusive-solutions.com/shop/We can advise on this if you like the idea.
Please contact us if you need more detail or wish to discuss the content further.

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