Circle of Adults Live Demo Video


Downloadable video of a Circle of Adults taking place from start to finish! Real-time multi-agency problem-solving in action! 


Format: MP4

Description: Circle of Adults: New and Revised Version. Teams reflecting and problem solving about emotional and behavioural needs at a deeper level.

This video provides: Full 90 minute video of real time ‘Circle of Adults’ in action in a secondary school with a real multi agency team at work. This video is best used alongside the book ‘Circle of Adults’ which is included in the ‘Circle of Adults Pack’. Learn a deeper approach to problem solving which will provide you with a new and richer approach to developing inclusive strategies for dealing with the most difficult to reach children and young people. Reflect on your own emotional responses to individuals you work with, explore relationships and generate richer hypotheses about what is really going on.

Outcomes of video viewing:

  • deeper understanding of what is actually happening underneath a child’s behaviour
  • increased confidence in managing challenging pupils in mainstream schools
  • learn about a process for locating richer and wider range of practical strategies to impact on behaviour problems
  • deeper understanding of inclusion of challenging pupils
  • opportunity to reflect on professional practice
  • watch ‘front line’ practitioners making sense of a complex situation


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