Circle of Adults Pack


Pack includes: ‘Circle of Adults’ Book, Live Demo DVD and (vital) Magic Wand!



Format:  Pack

Description: CIRCLES OF ADULTS PACK Book and DVD illustrate an approach to Teams reflecting and problem solving about emotional and behavioural needs at a deeper level. Magic Wand also provided for ‘final reflections on process’.

This DVD provides:

  • Full 90 minute Video of real time Circle of Adults in action in a secondary school with a real multi agency team at work
  • 30 minute edited video of the process highlighting main steps

The book offers the practitioner a 10 step process for facilitating team problem solving around issues of challenging behaviour and emotional needs.

  • Problems are addressed further upstream than conventional approaches to problem solving.
  • Change is targeted at the source of our thoughts and feelings around a particular young person or difficult issue.
  • Features full graphics and full colour throughout with clear easy-to-follow guidelines for facilitating the process.


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