Useful Teaching Tools For Teacher Working With Small Children

Children are a joy to teach, but they can also be a handful. To help make your life as a teacher easier, we’ve compiled a list of useful teaching tools that will help you manage your classroom and keep your students engaged. These resources will help you create a fun and effective learning environment for your young students. So check out this list of teaching essentials today!

Educational Videos 

These have become helpful addition for teachers when teaching small children. There’s no better way to see the dynamic between balanced vs unbalanced forces than through some fun audiovisual aids. Videos can be engaging and provide great visuals to help pupils understand a concept, no matter how complex it might be. 

Furthermore, there are now many online educational video sites that offer trusted and vetted content which is tailored to the needs of teachers and the requirements of different grade levels. Apart from providing visual stimulation, they can also foster collaboration, where teachers can create activities centered around a particular video or topic. These opportunities inspire exploration and deeper questions and help make learning more fun for kids!

Apps And Games 

Apps and games can be an effective way to teach children in a fun and engaging way. They provide an interactive learning experience that allows students to develop key skills, such as problem-solving and abstract thinking. Not only do these tools make learning enjoyable for little ones, but they also allow teachers to better keep track of each student’s progress. 

To ensure the most successful outcome, teachers should look for apps that are designed according to their students’ age groups and needs, such as those with interactive activities or stories that help grow language, vocabulary, and math skills. With the right app or game in hand, a teacher can help open up a world of knowledge to curious young minds.

Interactive Whiteboards 

Interactive whiteboards have revolutionized classrooms, and have especially been helpful when it comes to teaching small children. Thanks to these tools, teachers are able to engage children with interactive and intuitive learning activities. These activities can cover a range of topics such as math, reading, and writing, all while still being fun for the children. 

Interactive whiteboards allow teachers to create fun and engaging lessons that help keep the students interested, excited to learn, and actively participating in their lessons with enthusiasm. For example, teachers can set up games, quizzes, and more to help reinforce the material they’re teaching. 

The use of these whiteboards not only improves student engagement but also helps with promoting collaboration between students. This helps children to work together, think critically, and develop problem-solving skills that will be useful throughout their lives.

Flashcards And Posters 

These are also great teaching tools for young children. Flashcards are especially helpful for things like learning numbers, sight words, and letters of the alphabet as they can help keep kids engaged as they learn! Posters can also be valuable, as children actually enjoy looking at them for visual explanations because sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words! 

Both flashcards and posters are low-cost and versatile ways to introduce new concepts in a fun, exciting way. With these tools, teachers can make learning more interactive while keeping kids interested and motivated. 

One fun way to implement these materials is by creating a game out of them. For example, with flashcards, you can ask the kids to match letters or numbers and then reward them when they get it right. 

Science Kits

With today’s busy schedules, many parents struggle to find ways to teach their children about science. One great way to make learning fun and convenient is by utilizing science kits! 

These kits come in a variety of materials, sizes, and ages and are filled with tools, supplies, and explanations needed to introduce kids to a wide range of scientific topics. Science kits provide fully interactive hands-on learning opportunities that encourage creativity and critical thinking skills which can be applied to the real world. 


Working with small children can be a joy, but it takes the right tools to keep them engaged and foster development. Props are one of the best teaching aids when working with kids as they provide visual stimulation and induce repetition, which allows new concepts to be ingrained into young minds. 

When organizing educational activities for kids, props come in an array of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. From blocks or clay to puppets or dive sticks, there is something that will capture their attention and help them learn. 

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Educational videos, apps and games, interactive whiteboards, flashcards and posters, science kits, and props are all excellent aids for teaching kids in a fun and engaging way. Teaching tools not only help educators bring the best out of their students, but also leads to more enjoyable learning experiences for both parties. A combination of these strategies offers the perfect balance between entertainment and education. Whatever tool one chooses to use in the classroom should be tailored to fit their students’ needs.

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