What does an inclusive school look like?

In a society that might be torn apart by the different views on cultures, inclusion is very important. Why? Because even if your skin colour is different, your eyes look different, or you have a disability, you are still a human. In the case of children, inclusion is essential, especially in school. 

Being part of a school culture that fosters diversity and accepts the differences between pupils is something enriching for every child. And it helps not only their mental development, but it can boost their study skills and performance too. Effective education and learning programs are essential for a healthy and inclusive approach towards students with special needs. So, if you are wondering what an inclusive school looks like, read on to discover.

Children with Special Needs Are Present

So, the first proof that a school is inclusive is the presence of children with special needs. Many schools advertise themselves as inclusive, but in fact, they do not accept students that have special needs. Or if they do, they are often separated from their peers and siblings, a solution that is causing more harm than good. First things first, an inclusive school has students with special needs. They are there, with their friends, peers, and siblings, and being part of school’s activities, underlie writers from an assignment writing service

Students Are Engaged 

Of course, it is not enough to have students with special needs to say that you are an inclusive school. These students need to be seen and treated as any other student. School is for everyone, so they need to be given the chance to take part in school activities and be engaged in and out of class. No difference should be made between students with special needs and their peers, argue writers from writing services australia

A Feeling of Belonging 

Belonging to a group is something not only children want, but adults too. Having friends and peers to spend your time with, chat, and play with is very important for all people. Schools are the places where children make friends, some of which will be lifetime ones. An inclusive school nurtures a feeling of belonging in its students. 

And it can do this through a lot of actions and activities that foster the culture, the identity, and the language of every student. An inclusive school is always flexible and innovative in its educational approach, a thing that makes students belong to the school group, want to be part of activities, and make friends. 

Students Are Learning 

Students of a non-inclusive school will not perform, will not learn, or achieve success because their learning needs are not addressed. Because the school system is not welcoming students with special needs. An inclusive school encourages all its students to learn and study and it challenges them all. All students, no matter their difference, culture, or skin color, are learning. 

And more than this, they are succeeding and learning within the curriculum. Students enjoy their time spent at school and are interested and motivated in wanting to learn more about what they love. 

Encouraging Diversity 

Diversity was, is, and will be part of every country and nation. The Earth is an immense planet where cultures thrive and co-exist together, despite all the differences that exist between them. However, some countries have a higher diversity than others, as is the case with the US. Every school and class have diverse students and this is normal. 

Every human goes through unique experiences that develop their personality and perspective on the world, so encouraging them to express it is important. Encouraging diversity within schools is proof of an inclusive school system. Every student, no matter its difference, should be seen as another school student. The difference that tells them apart from every student is just another one that is shaping the diversity within the school population. 

Value-Driven School 

An inclusive school is a value-driven school. It has strong values it is trying to inflict on all school’s students, such as respect towards each other. Students need to feel safe and valued by the school system and not ostracized based on their differences. At the same time, every inclusive school should be aware of the importance of having strong leaders that are role models both for students and parents. These leaders should live by the school values and create a caring and safe space for all the school’s students, no matter their differences. 

Well-Trained Teachers 

An inclusive school does not only need to have a good system, strong leaders, and values. It also needs well-trained teachers that do not make the difference between their students. These teachers need to be caring, open, and kind to all students. They are the ones students are interacting with the most, so they have such a great power over them. 

They can be their source of inspiration, their source of motivation, and dedication. Through their teaching strategies, they can include all students in class’ activities and make students feel they are part of the group. And the school system should encourage teachers to develop both personally and professionally and constantly improve their teaching and approaching methods. 

Ending Note 

Many educational systems want to foster more inclusion within schools as the world is more and more diverse. The modern world has enabled civilizations to travel and move across the world, so countries are getting more and more diverse. And so does the educational system, where children with special needs or that come from different cultures become to be more and more present. 

No matter their skin color or language, children should be treated the same. All should be challenged and encouraged to learn and succeed. Students should feel they belong to the school group, that they learn what they love, and are motivated to do it continuously. 


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