Why Do Parents Need a KS2 Fractions Worksheet for Their Children?

The second stage of primary education in the UK, also called KS2, includes years 3 to 6, and this is where children learn a lot of fractions in maths. Teachers introduce these advanced maths topics in school and guide pupils on how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions and how to solve any other related operations involving fractions. On the other hand, parents are tasked with helping children revise at home, so there is a collective effort to understand and excel in KS2 fractions.

One of the most convenient revision materials that parents can use is a KS2 fractions worksheet from a reliable website. Whether you are looking for fraction worksheets for year 4 or any other in KS2, a reliable platform will sort it out. So, why do parents need to use KS2 fractions worksheets and not textbooks and other resources? Here are the best answers for you.

They Are Easily Available

As hinted, a worksheet on fractions is easily accessible via a mobile phone or a computer. They come in a printable PDF format while others enable children to work on them using a tablet. With this, a parent can easily pick an option that works both for them and their children. Instead of perusing through the web, it is good to subscribe to a reliable KS2 fractions worksheet provider for more convenience.

A KS2 Fractions Worksheet Has Answers

Fractions worksheets with answers are easy for parents to use because they can verify solutions when the children have completed various quizzes. Although fractions and maths are easy for many parents, it is good to have professional answers just in case you doubt something. These answers may be provided at the end of each PDF or as a different document depending on how the worksheet provider has planned the activities.

They Are Intuitive

Unlike textbooks and other maths resources, a KS2 fractions worksheet is very intuitive and keeps children engaged with fun games, quizzes, illustrations, and other activities. This will not only make revision interesting for the children but also for the parents as well. Therefore, it is important for you to work with a fractions work sheets platform that promotes active learning as opposed to just questions and problems to be solved.

Using a KS2 Fractions Worksheet Improves Critical Thinking

Children in KS2 have a lot of other maths concepts to revise as well as apply in real life. One good thing about a KS2 fractions worksheet is that it encourages children to think outside the box when solving various problems, and this promotes critical thinking. Some of the challenges and activities in these worksheets also enable the children to handle maths outside the fractions worksheet.

They Promote Time Management

Most, if not all, KS2 fractions worksheets promote time management in various ways. Typically, they indicate the time a user should take to handle a certain quiz. But most importantly, they are planned in lessons covering all important topics and indicating how long it should take to cover all these. With this, both parents and their children can plan study time in a better way so that there is enough for other maths topics and subjects.

Final Thoughts

A KS2 fractions worksheet comes with a lot of benefits to parents and their children in stage two of primary school education. As a parent, you can see there are many reasons why you should look for reliable worksheets for your children.


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