Circles of Friends Pack


Pack includes: ‘Creating Circles of Friends’ Book and DVD



Format: A4 book, 10  and a DVD Format with subtitles
ISBN: 0-9546351-0-8

Description: The circle of Friends pack includes the following:

  • Creating Circles of Friends book By Colin Newton and Derek Wilson of Inclusive Solutions.
    This is a revised version of the original text by the authors of Circles of Friends. The book is a must for anyone interested in building friendships and relationships around those vulnerable or challenging through reason of disability or emotional need. Building respectful teams of support around an individual, tapping into that child¹s peer group is an extremely powerful way of promoting change and insights for all involved. Circle of friends, is ultimately a tool for inclusion and is based on solid values as well as practical processes. The book describes both the values and the practical application of this approach to human change.
  • Circles of Friends DVD.
    This DVD provides:
    • Two ‘field recorded’ videos of real Circles of Friends in action in schools reflecting on their time together with subtitles.
    • Training slides describing the Circle of Friends process
    • Photos of graphics that have been used in schools and in training to support the creation of circles of friends

Circle of Friends is an approach to enhancing the inclusion, in a mainstream setting, of any young person who is experiencing difficulties in school because of a disability, personal crisis or because of their challenging behaviour towards others. The Circle of friends approach works by mobilising the young persons peers to provide support and engage in problem solving with the person in difficulty. Circle of friends is not the same as Circle time, but many of the skills and techniques used by teachers in Circle time can be used to support the Circle of friends process. This is an excellent opportunity to learn from Colin Newton and Derek Wilson the educational psychologists who brought this DfES endorsed approach to the UK. Learn how to build teams around challenging pupils by drawing on a resource which is always there’s other children.

Outcomes of DVD viewing and book reading: to achieve greater understanding of the values and wider context of inclusion to practically help you set up and run a circle of friends reducing the likelihood of a pupil being excluded or segregated to understand and be able to maximise the power of the peer group in supporting relationships, achievement and behaviour change.

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