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Person Centred Planning training in Rotherham – Rowan Centre

Derek Wilson and Colin Newton offered training on Person Centred Planning for students with SEMH needs in Rotherham at the Rowan Centre. We were impressed by the insights and wider work of the team and their acceptance of the systemic problems of Special settings.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the training today. I absolutely loved it!! We are in a time of transition at Rowan. Trying to make things better and I know that this process will help us on our way.’ – Vicky Woodrow, Headteacher at The Rowan Centre

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Person Centred Planning – One Page Plans

Person Centred Planning – One Page Plans-  delivered by Colin Newton and Claire Darwin PEP of Suffolk CC. Training went down well and was greatly appreciated by mainly secondary pastoral staff, college practitioners and family workers.

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Seeking Hope and Honesty

We cannot afford the luxury of despair

Person centred planning using group facilitated processes such as MAP and PATH were originally created in North America and Canada by Jack Pearpoint, Marsha Forest, John O’Brien and colleagues. These planning processes have an amazing way of and eliciting honest exchanges and mobilising hope in the most difficult and challenging of situations. We at Inclusive Solutions after learning and facilitating such processes for over 20 years are still feeling the privilege of trusting a way of working that can truly engender hope and honesty. What other processes can really be relied upon to do this with any degree of success? How does this come about? What are we learning?

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