Person Centred Reviews

Person Centred Reviews

Learn how to carry out a Person Centred Review based on the values of person centred thinking.

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Person Centred Planning
Strategic Work
Visioning and Problem Solving


Person centred planning is a way of expressing a set of inclusive values through a unique range of tools and techniques. The most commonly used person centred tool is a Person Centred Review – and it shows these values in action.

All person centred planning tools and processes are driven by a commitment to achieve inclusive outcomes for the person whose plan it is, and the young people involved are always present throughout their planning session. The focus of all person centred approaches is the whole person irrespective of the label they carry. Two people, a process facilitator and a graphic facilitator, typically facilitate plans. The role of the support service staff in this work is as a facilitator not as an expert participant, problem solver, assessor or provider of consultation. Person Centred Reviews like MAPS and PATH are especially effective tools in planning transitions and annual review processes for young people with additional support needs and for through-care planning for young people who are looked after or accommodated. Over time person centred working will reveal areas of unmet need in current provision and thereby inform the ongoing strategic planning within any particular region.


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Learning Objectives

  1. To Explore the values underpinning person centred working
  2. To show how person centred planning with Person Centred Reviews naturally captures young people’s strengths and capacities
  3. A demonstration of how person centred reviews encourage meaningful consultation and participation with young people (particularly for those who cannot make their views known in typical ways
  4. To show how Person Centred Planning leads to the building of stronger parent/school partnerships
  5. To indicate how person centred planning can promote multi-agency teamwork and shared responsibilities
  6. To increase understanding the how of process and graphic facilitation in person centred work.

Who Is It For ?

  • Teachers and School Staff
  • Education Services
  • Social Care Staff
  • Health Professionals
  • Transition Coordinators
  • Family Support Workers
  • Link Workers

Course Content

  • An introduction to the person centred planning
  • Person Centred Reviews – live demonstrations of process in action followed by real time coaching of facilitation skills.

We would stress that this is an introductory day and that participants will be expected to make plans for their own follow up and further practice of the tools covered in the course of the day.

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