When in doubt ask the children!

How often do we feel stuck when trying to include a child or young person? This gets more pressing when their behaviour really presses everyone’s buttons! So often we will reach out to experts – advisors, therapists, psychologists and other service land people. They of course are full of great advice…

What we still in 2019 forget to do is – ask our best and ever-present resource – free at the point of delivery – ask the children!

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Person Centred Planning for Looked After Children

All person centred planning tools and processes are driven by a commitment to achieve inclusive outcomes for the person whose plan it is, and the young people involved are always present throughout their planning session. The focus of all person centred approaches is the whole person irrespective of the label they carry. Two people, a process facilitator and a graphic facilitator, typically facilitate plans. 

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Inclusion Facilitation

Inclusion Facilitation (IF) is an approach to enhancing the inclusion, in a mainstream community of any child or young person who is experiencing difficulties in the world because of disability, personal crisis or because of their challenging behaviour towards others. Inclusion Facilitation is designed to create a better life for an individual by the provision of an intense input designed to being about social change. This usually entails a series of visits focused on getting the person out and about to increase confidence, social skills and presence in their local community and to pursue goals and dreams.

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Parent Solutions Circle

In this course we explore how we have attempted to build inclusive circles of support around individuals and contrast this with a radical approach to problem solving with parents – the Parent Solutions Circle. Parent Solutions is a brand new approach to problem solving with parents based on our live group work in schools. A focus on challenging behaviour brings interest, energy and commitment. 

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