Transition Planning by Train

Colin and Louis Newton carried out person centred planning with 10 year old with complex needs about to make secondary transfer from inclusive primary school. Big concerns he would not stay in the room for the full 2 hour PATH – but he did!

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When in doubt ask the children!

How often do we feel stuck when trying to include a child or young person? This gets more pressing when their behaviour really presses everyone’s buttons! So often we will reach out to experts – advisors, therapists, psychologists and other service land people. They of course are full of great advice…

What we still in 2019 forget to do is – ask our best and ever-present resource – free at the point of delivery – ask the children!

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Person centred planning with energetic young people – the 10 Principles

He won’t sit still that long!

 How often do we hear those words when we describe a PATH or a MAP meeting likely to last up to 2 hours? This is particularly true of young people labelled with Autistic spectrum conditions (ASC), or attention deficit hyperactivity difficulties (ADHD) but often applied to those with social disadvantage, hyper-vigilant, learning or behaviour challenges. Often, they are boys but not always.

Previous meeting experiences and observations of the focus child in classrooms and other challenging situations lead those who know him best to suggest he has a short attention span and an inability to sit through a planning session.

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