Inclusion Forums -‘Emotional Well-being’ and ‘Chairing Meetings’

Emotional Well-being’ and Chairing Meetings’

…brought to you by the innovative and unique Inclusive Solutions together with Inclusive learning North


The venues/dates are:


Salford @ Worsley Marriott Hotel  M28 2QT                           Tuesday                                     6th February

Chester @ Abbots Well Hotel, Christleton  CH3 5QL                Wednesday                                7th February*

Hull @ Grange Park Hotel, Willerby  HU10 6EA                        Tuesday                                     27th February

Formby @ Formby Hall Hotel L37 0AB                                       Wednesday                               28th February

Warrington @ Urban Village Hotel WA1 1QA                            Tuesday                                    20th March

Sandbach @ Chimney House Hotel CW11 4ST                           Wednesday                                21st March*

 Emotional Well-being 

‘Develop a deeper understanding of children’s emotional needs’

Delivered by Colin Newton and Marnie Aston from Inclusive Solutions

together with Zena Martin from Inclusive Learning North

This workshop gives an opportunity to focus on the emotional needs of children and young people and how to meet these. We lift the lid on an emerging urgent inclusion issue, meeting the emotional well-being of all children. We need to find ways to allow children to unclench their hearts and learn to experience, process, communicate and manage their own emotional lives for their own and for the good of the wider community.

Inclusive Solutions with their unique and innovative style promise to…..“never bore you on our training events!”

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Inclusion Facilitation

Inclusion Facilitation (IF) is an approach to enhancing the inclusion, in a mainstream community of any child or young person who is experiencing difficulties in the world because of disability, personal crisis or because of their challenging behaviour towards others. Inclusion Facilitation is designed to create a better life for an individual by the provision of an intense input designed to being about social change. This usually entails a series of visits focused on getting the person out and about to increase confidence, social skills and presence in their local community and to pursue goals and dreams.

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Parent Solutions Circle

In this course we explore how we have attempted to build inclusive circles of support around individuals and contrast this with a radical approach to problem solving with parents – the Parent Solutions Circle. Parent Solutions is a brand new approach to problem solving with parents based on our live group work in schools. A focus on challenging behaviour brings interest, energy and commitment. 

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Creating Community Circles

In this course we explore how we have attempted to build inclusive circles of support around individuals and contrast this with a radical approach to hospitality and community building – the Community Circle. The purpose of community circles is to bring people from a local community together to share their skills, talents, gifts and resources. This idea is based upon the premise that ALL of us need three things in our lives to make us happy and fulfilled: these are money, friendship and meaning. We believe that everyone needs community, everyone needs to be heard and everyone needs to have fun.

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