Racism – How to Identify it and Intervene Respectfully

This course is an exploration of our understanding of structural racism in the UK and provides a good foundation for anyone wanting to be a responsible ally. Are you working with young people, but struggling with conversations about race? Are you worried that you have been getting it wrong when it comes to race? Do you have questions about race that you are afraid to ask? This course is for you.

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Racism – Acknowledging and Understanding

In this course we deepen participants understanding of systemic racism and the spectrum of privilege. It challenges the participants to examine their behaviours and take close looks at some of the views they have held since a very young age, e.g. this area is a “bad” area, because it has a high proportion of black/brown people living in it, or that young black men in tracksuits are “thugs”. We think about where these messages come from and how people are indoctrinated by the media.

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