Solution Circles

A Solution Circle is a 30 minute creative Problem Solving Process for getting unstuck…Ideal for busy people! lt was designed by Marsha Forest & Jack Pearpoint. This is a short and powerful tool. It is effective in getting “unstuck” from a problem in life or work. Solution Circles are tools of “community capacity”. It assumes and demonstrates that nearby people – in any community or work place have the capacity to help – if asked. It requires a person to ASK – not an easy thing in our culture of privacy and “do it alone”. This tool puts all the values we espouse into practice and demonstrates that TOGETHER WE’RE BETTER.

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Racism – Acknowledging and Understanding

In this course we deepen participants understanding of systemic racism and the spectrum of privilege. It challenges the participants to examine their behaviours and take close looks at some of the views they have held since a very young age, e.g. this area is a “bad” area, because it has a high proportion of black/brown people living in it, or that young black men in tracksuits are “thugs”. We think about where these messages come from and how people are indoctrinated by the media.

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Anxiety – understanding and including children and young people

In this practical workshop session we will explore ways of including young people of all ages who experience anxiety some of whom may well be on the autism spectrum. The session will be values based and practical and will aim to allow the sharing of experiences and good practice as well as promoting innovative approaches to inclusion through the design of best practice.

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Writing Inclusion Policies

Inclusion Policies

This day is relevant to anyone involved in the task of developing an Inclusion Policy. How to create a real policy built around shared vision with true community commitment. Participate in this very practical workshop to take your first very real steps forward. The day gives those present opportunities to reflect on their attitudes and practice in relation to the inclusion of pupils who are different and the policy and practice which currently exist.

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Transition Strategies

Transition Strategies

One of the most frequent telephone queries we receive at Inclusive Solutions is from parents whose disabled son or daughter is about to make the transition from Primary to Secondary School. Typically there is a tale to be told of LA planning procedures that are too little and too late, and a severe lack of confidence from all parties that the transition will be successful. Little wonder that transfers from mainstream to special schools continue to peak at Year 7!

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