Community Circles

Community Circles are another way of intentionally building of relationships and are by their very nature inclusive, person centred and respectful. In 2007 we at Inclusive Solutions (Newton and Wilson 2011) began to create community gatherings in Nottinghamshire that were based on full inclusion principles. All were welcome to explore how all could get sufficient meaning, friendship and money in their lives.

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Circle of Adults

Circle of Adults was devised and developed by Colin and Derek over a number of years (Newton and Wilson, 2006). It represents a lengthier but deeper approach to team reflection and problem solving as contrasting with Solution Circles (Inclusion Press, 2016) and Insights and Solution Circles (Inclusive Solutions , 2016). Many experience this kind of problem solving as person centred even though strictly speaking it more often a team who is stuck with an individual and who need to problem solve deeply away from the person to develop deeper strategies based on richer insights.

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