Peer Mediation Webinar

Interactive session with Colin and Elliot Newton exploring how to set up and run a Peer Mediation scheme in a school. 

Look out for our Peer Mediation online course coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy one of our current selection of courses already available.

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Inclusion Series – ZOOM WEBINARS  – May 2020

 INCLUSION WEBINAR WORKSHOPS – Timing: Each session runs from 11am-1pm


Following the success of April’s webinars, we are continuing our series of live workshops online using the Zoom platform. Engage and learn in the comfort of your own setting as we explore a range of challenges to a good, well-included life for any child or young person whatever their label or reputation. The content of the sessions will aim to provide fresh insights as well as practical strategies.  

Dates are as follows…

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Community Circles Webinar always wonderful

Successful Community webinar run by Colin and Elliot Newton – with lovely contributions from a wide group of Educational Psychologists. We ended up with a Self Care Plan and wonderful recipes from Ireland!

A Creating Community Circles online course will be available soon, meanwhile a selection of courses on other topics are ready for you to start NOW!

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Restorative Justice webinar flies!

Colin and Elliot Newton ran a successful webinar on Restorative Justice for an international audience with fantastic contributions and interactions!  Here is just some of feedback:

I attended a virtual training in April 2020 focussing on restorative justice in schools. It was really fantastic. Lots of opportunity for questions, activities, video and discussion.

Definitely made me reflect a lot on the go-to behaviour management techniques we use!

The Restorative Justice online course is available now, along with a selection of courses on other topics.

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Colin Newton to join Tim Cox in a podcast on person centred planning for ‘Agents of Hope’ in June – early warning!

Watch this space…

Colin Newton will appear on Tim Cox’s ‘Agents of Hope’ podcast this JUNE

Agents of Hope is a podcast for anyone interested in Education, Psychology and social issues. Hosted by a trainee educational psychologist the podcast aims to engage in long-form critical discussion about issues that arise in the field of applied psychology. You can listen to the podcast on all your major streaming services and if you follow this link:

“You can also watch the episodes on Youtube if you search Agents of Hope. I have released two episodes so far: 1. Listening for Hope with Dr Jo Taylor – In this episode we discuss hope, narrative therapy, consultation and hope in times of adversity. 2. Slow Cooker Systemic change with Dr Jagdish Barn – In this episode we discuss relational approaches to systemic change, acculturation and values-based practice. In each episode, we try to answer questions posed by the EP community, people interested in our work or aspiring EPs. As a TEP I host the podcast in a curious and critical manner, bring my passion for hope psychologies to the conversation when I can. It would be great to encourage more people to enter the conversation about hope in our profession and I look forward to having lots more fascinating conversations.”


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