Grammatical Rules All Job Seekers Should Learn to Effectively Communicate With Potential Employers

If you’re looking for a job, it’s important to make sure that your communication skills are up to par. After all, you’ll be interacting with potential employers through email and in person, so your grammar must be correct. This blog post will go over some of the most important grammatical rules that job seekers should know. By following these tips, you can ensure that your communication with potential employers is error-free and professional.

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Person Centred Planning in Wales – Looked After Children

Rhian is an EP working for a children looked after team in South Wales and has just been with Colin and Derek of Inclusive Solutions for 2 day training on Person Centred Planning with her team and other educators in the area.

In March 2022, we’re going to be hosting a live, in-person 2 day event. Person Centred Planning using PATH!!! We can’t wait to see you all there. Make sure to get your tickets here:

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