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How to Master Writing Skills in College?

No one has been born with a talent or skill of the writer, you should learn and try hard to write a grabbing story. You may have a dream to become a successful writer or you just need to be good at creative writing at school or university. Sooner or later many students face the problem of writing a good essay or a story. 

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How To Find a Job That You Like and Enjoy

The work-life balance has become ever more important over the last decade and for a specific reason too. Many have simply realized that life is too short to spend most of it working in jobs that we don’t like or enjoy, simply to be able to afford the weekends that we spend recovering. The process is flawed, and the recent pandemic and the shift to remote and hybrid work have shown these flaws. Many people are now actively looking for jobs that they enjoy and will allow them to have a more balanced work/life arrangement.

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Top Tips for Organising a fundraising event at your school

Whether you are trying to raise money for more educational resources at your school, or you want to highlight the work of a charity that is close to your heart, hosting a fundraising event that students, teachers, and parents can get involved in is a great way to do this. Not only does it raise awareness for your charity or the need for school support, but it can also be a lot of fun for participants and spectators to be a part of. If this sounds like something that you are interested in as an educator, here are some tips on how you can organize a fundraising event at the school.

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Effective Online Resources and Tools for Writing Learning Objectives

If a teacher or an educator promises that by the end of any course, “you will be able to…,” then they are implicating learning objectives. What you learn in school or from an educator is just the surface-level knowledge.

These courses with learning objectives want you to take command on your own and understand what you need. However, writing learning objectives is a difficult task many students struggle with. That’s when online resources and tools come into play.

These resources and tools make it easier for students to achieve or write about their learning objectives. So, what are these resources and tools? How can you use them? 

We have to find these answers in order to thoroughly understand their implication, so let’s dive in deeper.

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