It’s Never Too Late To Live Your Dreams – And Educate Yourself On The Subject

At one point or another, you may think that you’re done and that there’s no way you can live your dream life. You’re not alone, but you’re wrong! There’s no limit to what you can dream of. While one lifetime is unlikely to be enough to achieve it all, you can still make plenty of your dreams come true if you’re persistent enough.

If you’re aspiring to live your dream life, the best time to start is right now.

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What is the impact of Keys to Inclusion training?

Excellent strategic use of Inclusive Solutions here in Suffolk. Colin Newton worked with Claire Darwin PEP of Suffolk over three twilight sessions to embed the Keys to Inclusion in a mainstream Primary school. Real progress towards embedding inclusive practice using the #keystoinclusion framework. Lovely school team to work with too. We had a great time. Howard Primary school head and senior teacher reflect on the three sessions….

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How to Become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Licensed clinical social workers form the largest group of mental healthcare providers around the world. They help young and old patients cope with hardships that arise or affect their emotional and mental health, using personalized treatment plans and prevention strategies.

The requirement for becoming a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) varies by state. However, all aspiring LCSWs must earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work, complete additional coursework and clinical training, and pass licensure exams. Here are some steps for becoming a licensed clinical social worker:

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3 Advantages of Earning a Business Degree

If you are a decision maker, an analytical thinker, and a problem-solver, you should consider getting a business degree. You can easily opt for one of many being offered at the American International College.

Apart from several benefits of pursuing business, you will also find dozens of job opportunities. There is a suitable job for nearly everyone, and you might end up working at an NGO, corporation, government sector, or an entrepreneur startup.

The vast availability of roles and superb payout make this profession even more likable. The United States BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) confirms that the open positions for business and financial sectors will grow drastically over the next 10 years. If you are looking for reasons to convince yourself to study business, keep reading to see what benefits a business degree can bring for you…

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