Hints for Graphic Facilitators


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Format: 275 x 215 mm 47pp paperback
ISBN: 1895418453
Author: Jack Pearpoint

Description: This book is an introduction to graphic facilitation. If you are curious, nervous, terrified, or even better just want to try graphics on for size, this is the book for you. The underlying assumption is that we all have this gift, and we just need to remember how we did it when we were children. Thus, it includes beginning steps, and has hundreds of images that you can build on. Most are very simple, but colour panels also demonstrate how felt pens and pastel crayons can make everyone’s work lively and colourful. If you are working in Person Centered Planning in its many forms, MAPS, PATH, Circles, and more, and wondering about the graphics you need, you need this book. You can do this. Get the book. Try it. You’ll like it.

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