Inside I’m Hurting


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Format: Book
ISBN: 1903269113
Author: Louise Bomber

Description: The author is a teacher/therapist working in Brighton and Hove, UK and her passion is to support schools in becoming genuinely inclusive towards children who have experienced trauma and loss. One of the achievements of this book is that it manages to write about this work without taking a medical model approach to the behaviour of children who have had these experiences. As the author says – we dont want children to acquire more labels. She does however describe the children she writes about as having attachment difficulties but crucially, notes that their difficulties stem from relationship and it therefore follows that modification of their patterns of relating can also come from relationship. This is a very different discourse from that which sees these children as having various  types of attachment disorder each requiring its own type of treatment. This shift of perspective allows the author to then write about how the child who has experienced trauma and loss is likely to view the world and the people in it and to give those working with such children a wealth of insights and clues into what kind of person they should best try to be to meet that childs needs and help them learn and practice new ways of being in the world. Louise Bomber achieves this with practical clarity and a complete absence of jargon ­ her translation of the psychotherapeutic terms transference and counter transference into everyday language are the best I have ever read. Each chapter is full of quotes from teachers and support assistants who have used her insights and, within each of the key themes she explores, there are examples of useful scripts adults might use in difficult to manage situations.

Here is a flavour of some of the chapter headings:

  • Providing an additional attachment figure in school ­ the key adult
  • Being explicit in our communication
  • Permanency and constancy
  • Building up self-awareness and the capacity to regulate arousal
  • Supporting children with attachment difficulties to make and keep friends
  • Lowering the powerful effects of shame and resolving conflicts

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