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Format: 215 x 140 mm 36pp paperback
ISBN: 1 896230 18 0

Description:This book address the delicate issue of power within human services. Those of us who say we serve, have tremendous power over those within our care. Power is one of the most important issues that front line care providers need to consider. And we need to consider it every day and in almost every interaction we have with someone who has a disability. Without meaning and without malice we can end up doing things that hurt the dignity and self esteem of those we care for. Awareness of our power reduces the likelihood that we will misuse it. Power is a tough issue. However, Power Tools is written with humour, wit and warmth. Dave doesn’t lay blame, but he suggests that we all have responsibility – for what we do – for what we say – and for who we are when we are serving people who are in our care.

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