Real Eyes


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Format: 215 x 140
ISBN: 1896230229

Description: On a ride from a hotel to an airport, Ruth and Dave began to swap stories. As they relaxed into the conversation what became more important than the stories were the morals, the lessons that they drew from their experiences. On arrival at the airport they had each been changed by the power of the other’s story. This book attempts to capture the sense of intimacy and honesty they shared with each other that day. It is hoped that this book will be a resource to new staff and a challenge to those more “seasoned”. Dave Hingsburger has worked his entire career with people with developmental disabilities. He has worked with York Behaviour Management Services for nearly twenty years; much of that time was spent working with people with disabilities who engage in inappropriate sexual behaviours. Dave is a highly sought after speaker and consultant. His writings appear in newspapers, magazines, and journals. Dr. Ruth Ryan is a psychiatrist and works full time with persons with developmental disabilities and complex needs. She has received several awards for work integrating persons with complex needs into their home communities and for research regarding epidemiology, unusual conditions and outcomes. Like Ruth, Dave is committed to the Self Advocate Movement and works regularly with people with disabilities throughout North America on a variety of issues

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