Still Incurably Human

30 something years ago I had a baby daughter. She was perfectly human and had a basket of gifts and challenges to keep her busy as she grew up. Some of those challenges were also gifts – maybe all of them in fact.

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Why use Inclusive Solutions in 2018?

Why Inclusive Solutions?
‘Inclusive Solutions’ are a team of psychologists and associates who specialise in mainstream inclusion for disabled and challenging children and adults. We make available cutting edge practical strategies and ideas for developing effective inclusion in local mainstream schools and communities. We use ideas that have been developed internationally and adapt them to the UK context. We work with anyone who wants to bring about the real systems changes that are necessary to move towards a truly inclusive society. Check out the range and quality of our work at
Founded in 2001 by Colin Newton and Derek Wilson, Inclusive Solutions is in its 17th year of providing accessible interactive training on all aspects of inclusive practice in education settings and beyond. Over time we have made links with a range of disabled and non-disabled associate trainers, within the UK and beyond and full descriptions of our associates can be found on the following page of our website: We have a strong link with the Alliance for Inclusive Education and have regularly co trained with the current and previous directors.

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2018 What’s on Offer from Inclusive Solutions?


1. Problem Solving Tools
Training in Solution Circles, Circles of Adults,  Insights and Solutions –  processes.
Sessional advice, assessment and support to students, staff and parents across the school and AP. Written Psychological reports if needed.
Could include facilitation of complex problem solving processes using ‘Circles of Adults’ and ‘Insights and Solutions.’
2. Supporting individual families and young people to develop their own vision and plans.
Inclusion Facilitation programme for isolated young people in stuck situations as follow up to person centred planning work.  Co facilitation, demonstration and direct training with key staff to use PATH/MAP with individuals and families. Person centred planning as part of EHCP processes or as alternative approaches.
3. Use of Person Centred Planning Tools
Use of PATH and MAP process to carry out cross MAT/ whole school staff development planning sessions. Co facilitation, demonstration and direct training with key staff to use PATH/MAP with individuals and families to plan transitions.
4. Community Circle development
Co – leadership, co – facilitation and training of Community Circle processes and principles. To actively involve intergenerational family members including grandparents plus key staff. 
This powerful inclusive process of exchange of wants/needs and offers would be a unique but relevant offering in this context.
5. Training the Trainers – developing training skills of staff providing training elsewhere
Provide ‘training the training’ with emphasis on ensuring effective interactive training with graphic, and dramatic elements maximizing use of ICT video and music. This would draw on our extensive experience as trainers across the UK.
6. Joint development of new ‘cutting edge’ training packages for use by schools and Early Years settings/Inclusive Solutions (IS)
Joint working with key staff to develop new ideas and training materials e.g. Fresh approaches to challenging behaviour
7. School team hearts and minds training on why inclusion is essential – ‘Keys to Inclusion’
Training co facilitated by experienced trainers.
8. Support to parents of disabled/SEN children
Training aimed at Parents of disabled children: Likely areas of focus would be: movement differences/understanding autism/challenging behaviour/problem solving/boys needs
9. Peer Support: Peer mentoring scheme
Anti-bullying training – peer mediator training
10. Peer Support: Creating ‘Circle of Friends’ around high profile students
Support and training to create Circles. Training for wider group of staff and modeling of set up and facilitation processes.
Use of Circle of friends as inclusive tool around high profile disabled or challenging pupil. Facilitate setting up of Circle.
11. – Inclusive Educational Psychologist Consultancy re complex situations and students – Support and Supervision
Direct Ed Psychologist input – assessment – consultation – training. Structured support and supervision sessions – as either group or individual. Sessional advice, assessment and support to students, staff and parents. Written Psychological reports if needed.
12. Restorative Justice and Interventions
Training and system development work around restorative conversations and conferences.
13. Behaviour and Relationship Training/Including Children with Autism
Training for staff and families on understanding and including children/adults with autism. 
Training for staff and families on understanding and including children and young people with the most challenging behaviour 

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Person Centred Planning Training – Impact in Pembrokeshire

Q and A with Heidi Evans – Acting Lead Educational Psychologist/Uwch Seicolegydd Addysg
Haverfordwest / Hwlffordd
Pembrokeshire / Sir Benfro
We asked  Heidi three questions about the impact of person centred planning training from Inclusive Solutions  in Pembrokeshire and really appreciated her responses …
·       What impact has person-centred planning training and Inclusion Facilitation had on the ability of your staff to enable Disabled young people to be involved in decision making in their lives and to have more choice & control ?
The person centred planning training was inspirational. It reminded education professionals about the reason they wanted to work with children in the first place and therefore ignited a renewed enthusiasm for their work in general. It also gave them a a new set of skills to enable them to channel this enthusiasm and work with pupils in a way which feels much more pupil centred. 
·       What support/additional support might your staff need to ensure they have the skills and confidence to take a person-centred planning approach with all the Disabled young people and their families with whom they work?
In Pembrokeshire we ensured that we had a team of Champions who could sustain the enthusiasm and provide our school with direct support in implementing PCP and becoming more person centred in their general approaches. Our next vision is to create Person Centred Schools so may need some help and support around that in the future…
·     What person centred planning are you offering families in your LA and what impact is this approach having on families?
We are using PCP as the underpinning of the statutory reform so are encouraging schools and families to engage in developing Individual Development Plans which by their =very nature are Person Centred and in order to develop one a person centred planning/review meeting has to take place. Currently we are using the PATH and supporting schools in developing their usual review meetings with ones that follow a person centred approach.

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January Nottingham COMMUNITY CIRCLE


We specialise in autism in mainstream schools, inclusion of students with disabilities, education psychology, autism education, community building and training on inclusion.

The Nottingham Community Circle is from 7:45pm for 8pm start till 9:15pm

Come and join us!!

Second Wednesday in every month…

This week Wednesday –  10th December 2018!

New Year Special!!

St Judes Church hall

405 Woodborough Rd, Nottingham NG3 5HE

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