Person Centred Planning with older adults

Getting older comes with a very frightening and daunting set of challenges. However, as a society, we tend to overlook the challenges faced by the individual (the person who is living through the getting older part), and focus on the issues related to those around them. These are the issues we have both as individuals (now I need to take care of them too) and as a society (how much will it now cost to care for this person who can no longer contribute).

Sadly, this is not an approach we can change in our lifetime. However, that should by no means mean we shouldn’t do our best to facilitate a shift, as much as is in our power.

One of the first steps in empowering and enabling seniors to continue living their best lives is person-centered planning.

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Induction of Personal Assistants for Students with complex communication and learning needs

Here are a few thoughts on the induction of PAs who have complex communication systems and may also have different ways of learning and relating to others.

  1. Make sure expectations and tasks very clear
  2. Establish clear goals
  3. Clarify personal and professional boundaries from the start
  4. Allow PA to meet wider team members including involved therapists
  5. Clarify house rules
  6. Identify training needs
  7. Establish back up plan if PA not available
  8. Work on how PA with be involved as a ‘Communication Partner’ with young person – teaching them relevant communication skills and process

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Person Centred Planning training in Rotherham – Rowan Centre

Derek Wilson and Colin Newton offered training on Person Centred Planning for students with SEMH needs in Rotherham at the Rowan Centre. We were impressed by the insights and wider work of the team and their acceptance of the systemic problems of Special settings.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the training today. I absolutely loved it!! We are in a time of transition at Rowan. Trying to make things better and I know that this process will help us on our way.’ – Vicky Woodrow, Headteacher at The Rowan Centre

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