West Sussex follow-up celebration!

Person Centred Planning training follow up celebration. We used MAP process to gather feedback from work done and to help plan for the future. Participants impressed us with what they achieved and their ambitious planning for the future. Rare example of parents and professionals working very closely together. Claire and Colin provided facilitation.

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Thousands of Special School Placements announced that no-one has asked for?

Alliance For Inclusive Education needs your stories! As part of the recent Comprehensive Spending Review, the Government has announced that they will be creating thousands of new special school placements for disabled children and young people without any consultation. ALLFIE wants to do something about this so we want to hear from you about your experiences. If you are currently in discussions/ negotiations with a school or local authority and you believe you are being pressured against your personal preference into accepting a special school place or other form of segregated provision (including residential) for your child, we would like to hear from you, particularly when the child is currently at home and/or is in a mainstream school. We would need your contribution by 18th February 2016. We are very sorry for this short notice but we too have only recently been given this date and want to gather as many of your experiences as possible before we miss the opportunity to take action. Please forward this information to anyone you may know. Please send your information to: simone.aspis@allfie.org.uk

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PATH for the ever-creative Candle team – Grantham (Jan 2016)

Candle Team: ‘We are a not-for-profit communication aid centre which supports communication and learning needs of children and adults who need Alternative and Augmentative Communication and Assistive Technology. We work with families, schools, residential homes and local community groups. We offer assessments, advice and training as well as ongoing support.
Our particular specialist areas are implementing and developing communication systems, supporting severely disabled students to access the mainstream curriculum and sustained involvement and networking with families and disability rights groups. We also have a commitment to a person centred approach’. Turn we into they….

Colin and Elliot Newton facilitated the planning for Candle – January 2016 – in Grantham.

PATH Process – Step by Step guide

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