Person Centred Planning Together



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Description: The phrase ‘Person Centred Planning’ was coined in North America in the mid-1980s to distinguish the person-centred way of doing planning from so-called ‘service centred’ approaches to planning that are solely framed by whatever services are typically available. People’s lives are seen to be managed by the service system within service-centred planning, whereas within Person Centred Planning the individual is given as much choice and control as possible and this includes who comes to the planning meeting, where and when it is held and, crucially, that the person who the meeting is about, is always present. Much of this book is taken up with descriptions and will link you to resources to support the use of the most commonly used Person Centred Planning tools, particularly MAPS and PATH. Both of these tools are ‘big picture’ planning activities that need skilled facilitation to be successfully implemented and this book will give much guidance about how this is done.

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