Your Little Scientist Will Geek Out Over These 6 Things

If you see your kid taking interest in science and reading up about it, find new things to push and encourage them. As a parent, you must feed their curious mind and lead them on the right path. Invest in books, toys, and scientific equipment for your kid. However, they need not necessarily be expensive. You can find several items and kits to please your child and develop a new way to discover the scientific domain. If your little one is always curious and looking for new things to discover, here are 6 things that your little scientist will definitely geek out over.

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Important Things You Need To Do After Being In A Car Accident

Car accidents are a common occurrence in the United States. One of the most important things to do after an accident is to file a police report. If you have been injured, or if your car has been damaged, you must get medical attention and notify your insurance company as soon as possible to start working on getting you compensated for everything that has happened during the accident. 

In this blog post, we will discuss some essential steps to take following a car accident. Check on the list below.

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How To Get BLS Certification And Why It’s Important

The common practice of people providing first-aid help to a suddenly collapsing patient or performing the CPR steps on an unconscious person has been around for quite some time. This has encouraged many people to learn these basic steps that can save the life of an unconscious person.

The basic life support (BLS) certification is primarily targeted towards people finding out how important they can be in a panic situation. So let’s dive in and understand the importance of BLS certifications to ensure that we are useful in a crisis.

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UK Disability History Month 2021 Online Launch

Thu, November 18, 2021

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM GMT

Register your interest here:


UK Disability History Month 2021 Online Launch – Relationships + Sex and Hidden Impairments.

About this event

Confirmed speakers for launch event so far:

Daniel Kebede, NEU President

Janine Booth, RMT/LANDG

Penny Pepper

Marsha De Cordova, MP

Richard Rieser, Coordinator UKDHM

If you have hidden impairments and want to tell your story on-line contact

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How to Promote Diversity in Schools: Three Strategies for Positive Change

For a thriving society, recognition of diversity and inclusion is a must in order to foster equality and unity. The first place a child may become exposed to diversity is when he/she leaves the comfort of his/her home and goes to school. Essentially, the school becomes the first place where you may interact with another person with an entirely different standing. The world is now a global village exponentially, and international student recruitments are shaping more diversified classrooms. So, to instill acceptance and empathy at a tender age in children, educational institutions must craft strategies to promote heterogeneity, awareness, and equity within their classrooms and culture.

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How to create an inclusive classroom

Inclusion is a word that is more and more used in educational systems around the world. Teachers and educators aim to create an inclusive classroom for all pupils, especially in those countries where minorities co-exist. Meeting every pupil’s needs and creating a safe environment where everyone feels they can express their opinion are just some of the characteristics of an inclusive classroom. This is very important because every child deserves to have access to the same learning opportunities, no matter their learning barriers or individual differences. 

But this may sound complicated, especially because focusing and meeting all the needs of children can be difficult. How will you address all of them in a classroom where all are diverse? Well, the answers to this question come from the domain of inclusive education. Here are some strategies that will help you create an inclusive classroom that benefits all the students and meets their diverse needs. 

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The Sovereign (Black) Child

A Personal Position Paper


Where there’s no Desire, there must be Discipline

Baruti Damali

To my EP family particularly, let’s really talk about Black Lives Matter (BLM).

I wish these ideas reach you all in the most optimal of well-being, particularly, during these challenging times.

It is also with a heavy heart, that I feel compelled to comment on the status of our profession, in the current context of the outpouring of pain by Black people and the support for Black people from around the world. These times have exasperated my tried and tested stress coping methods, subsequent to my cancer treatment all those years ago. Times made even more challenging when those who can see do not, and those who can do, do not. Now that I have raised my head above stress levels, I felt driven to put pen to paper (so to speak). Please take the time to read this.

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Restorative Justice virtual ½ day session; Suffolk (16.9.21)

“It’s humanising and positive;

it’s about understanding what everyone needs”

Colin Newton from Inc Sols and Imogen Howarth from Suffolk EPS provided an online half day on Restorative Justice that was very popular and was rich in content and responses! 


This has been fantastic. Really interesting and informative. Plus some really practical steps and examples. 

This approach fits perfectly with the ethos of care and respect we are trying to create

This has been an excellent opportunity to reflect on our current practice and consider areas within the school where this is working well and where it may need further development

Informative session, good opportunity to understand our children and help to create a very positive culture within the school

Thinking about how to get the whole school involved. Think it’s a very useful approach in reducing FTE and PEX. Kids want to be heard and understood

I will be talking to SLT … I will talk about sharing some of the key points with all staff 

Something I feel I can use at school and at home between my children!

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